About Us

The Youth Company (TYC)  is a social enterprise that provides a platform to empower and develop youth. 


TYC  has created various educational, community engaging, volunteering, career-oriented, consulting and rewarding programs, which directly and indirectly facilitate the growth and development of youth in different aspects, and thus ensure a long-lasting positive social impact. 



Our programs and services target both youth and professional organizations within the private, public and non-profit sectors. While most of the programs are free for youth to participate in, we ensure our operational sustainability by providing youthful consultancy services to various organizations, and through establishing a network of partners and sponsors. 

350 000 Youth Impacted

For the last 10 years, TYC has reached youth with a variety of programs and events.

Our Mission

The Youth Company strives to promote, establish, and operate sustainable services and facilities, which integrate environmental, social and economic factors for the benefit of youth around the MENA region. 

Our Principles & Values

Our youth work is informed by a set of beliefs that include a commitment to equal opportunities, and to young people as partners in learning and decision-making.  We believe that the needs, abilities, and aspirations of young people should be recognized, understood, and met within a supportive environment, which encourages them to achieve their goals and make real measurable progress.  We endeavor to value the whole person and not focus solely on the problems or difficulties that young people may present.

TYC Core Team

Diverse & Inclusive.

Mohamed Farid

Founder & Board Member - TYC

Aya Abu Isa

Vice President of the Board

Mariam Farid

CEO - Qatar

Gieneve Laurente

Administrative Associate

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