Run The World Festival

Run The World Festival

Run The World Festival 

Run The World is set to enrich the different experience for young people in Qatar in achieving and developing and empowering themselves. The festival is oriented around the themes of sports and culture, in the believe that this is what the youth, and future generations should be focused on. It serves as an exciting platform for youth to flourish and have fun, while understand the importance of sports and healthy lifestyle.

Run The World Talks: 

Run The World School Talks is a program meant to connect youth with other sports athletes in Qatar to talk and discover the opportunities and challenges those athletes are faced with, but also the community as a whole.  Carried out by our own ambassadors, Run The World Talks reach out to high-schools and universities around the country where young people are approached by experts in sports industry to exchange a dialogue.


Run The World Festival: 

Run The World Festival is a vibrant space that welcomes 150,000 festival visitors representing more than 50 different cultures, age groups and interest. Apart from everything you could expect from Run The World, the festival has some unique features.

  •  Youth Got Talent: a country such as Qatar brings people from all over the world, from different countries, communities and experiences. Youth Got Talent is a platform to connect, mobile and organize the young talents in Qatar. Running with growing success in Qatar, Youth Got Talent has been proud to be the platform that discovers new talents.
  • Sports Section a space all about the healthy lifestyle choices, to promote a different healthier moving lifestyle. Sports and health move together. Parkour, to horse riding this space is all about sports.
  • Street Section: experience the world’s cultures in a 150 meters long-street with food stalls, ranging from tea houses to fresh bakery to mouth-watering BBQ. The street is a walk-through fun experience for youth where activities such as oriental, cultural and hip-hop dances, fire-shows, jugglers, magicians and other street shows from all around the region come together. It ends with street sports including basketball, skateboarding and street football.
  • Village Section: a cultural marketplace with multiple shops and vendors, this space is set to enhance young people’s ability to network, socialize and build new ventures. This section of the festival is all about sharing cultures, experiences, and trying to localize the global, while globalizing the local.  With an opportunity of a Global Village, university students from 20 – 30 different countries representing Middle East, North Africa and South Asia get a chance to showcase their culture in a booth and perform on the main stage.

Setting the Goals!

Run The World Festival set its goals in achieving Qatar National Vision 2030. The festival is always aligned in getting tangible outcomes quantitative or qualitative to achieve the Qatar aims to be an advanced society capable of sustaining its development and providing a high standard of living for its entire people. Qatar’s National Vision defines the long-term outcomes for the country and provides a framework within which national strategies and implementation plans can be developed.

  • Economic Development: Run The World Festival organizers are always keen to hire young new start-ups in supporting the diversity, and to help them meet the needs of, and securing the growth of entrepreneurs in Qatar.
  • Human Development: Run The World Festival as a whole experience is set to enrich the development of all of the youth to enable them to sustain a prosperous and secure future that will be reflective to the society.
  • Social Development: Run the World Festival aims to develop a just and caring society based on building communities, connecting, and participating within the Qatar community, but also in a global scale.
  • Environmental Development: Run The World Village will run as a green village, where there will be a clear management of resources, while promoting new, and different kinds of lifestyle, a greener one.

Run The World Festival has been running for 6 years, with an increasing response from the community. With more than ten of thousands of visitors for Run The World Festival 2011, the festival has managed to double its attendance to reach a remarkable twenty-seven thousand visitors in 2012.  In 2013, the goal to achieve thirty five thousand visitors was easily achieved by a remarkable attendance of a hundred and twenty thousand visitors. Keeping that growth in the loop, for this year due to the improvement of format, and the intensive communication strategy built for Run The World Festival , the village will be able to accommodate more than 150, 000 festival visitors.

Run The World Festival is keen in making an impact within the community therefore the involvement of the community has been increased, with more than 30 cultural groups, associations, or even youth clubs will be exhibiting their work will all be shown within Around The World. Around The World will be fit out to accommodate a selection of cultural finger food from the best cuisines from all over the world, crafts, but also authentic cultural customs such as Hina, or Flacon show.          


Sports Section:

Beach Football

A unique 5-aside football game experience for football lovers at the beach, along with the music.  Three day tournament welcoming 15 teams.

Beach Volleyball

Played by 2 – 4 members at a side, the beach volleyball tournament at the festival is played among 15 – 20 teams over two pitches.

Horse Riding

A contribution that engages youth with the heritage and culture of Qatar, 10 horses are available at the festival for visitors to ride and take pictures with, while professional young Qatari horse-riders run them around the village.


A base ground over sand that welcomes visitors to play cricket, football, tennis and volleyball.  Based on the needs and the time of the day, the futsal ground interchanges to adapt to a specific game.


Filled with obstacles and movements, parkour teaches the visitors of the festival on how to escape emergency situations – a sport entitled for athletes and fitness lovers!

Human Foosball

Often known as baby-foot, the Human Foosball is a football game, played by keeping one’s hands tied with ropes.  2 teams, one ball, and the only rule to not leave the rope while playing!

Beach Tennis

Slightly different than original tennis, beach tennis is played where the ball is not allowed to touch the ground.  Adaptable for 2 – 4 people at a time.


Street Section:

Cultural shows

From Salsa (Latin), to Dabkeh (Arabic), Bhangra (South Asian), Schikka (Moroccan), Umteyo (African), Branle (French), and many more!  The street surprises you with its diverse cultural dances while you walk through and take pictures.  We summarize the world for you in a 150m street!

Food stalls

Small stalls and stations are available at the street of the festival for you to enjoy delicious traditional foodstuff.  Grilled, fried, baked or cooked, vegetarian or meat-lovers, from Pizza to Majboos, visitors can fill their appetite with mouth-watering fresh flavored food!

Magic shows

Fascinating magicians walk around the festival’s street for an eye capturing moment of entertainment!


Seen in different circuses, jugglers will be present at the festival.  But this time, you will be able to experience juggling yourself!

Street sellers

From small jewelry items, to watches and sports equipment.  One-man shops are experienced walking around the street for quick transactions!  Some sell souvenirs for you to keep or give away.

Bike show

Local bikers are given a space and time on the street to showcase their work and modifications, for specific audience interested in bikes.  You can take pictures, or ask the riders about different specifications!

Fire shows

Our own local experienced members are ready to do individual and group fire shows.  This includes and is not limited to fire juggling, fire eating and flame throwing.


Village Section:

Global village

A vibrant, congested space that takes you on a world tour.  Every stall is your transit to a country, starting from Qatar, ending in Brazil, you get a passport to visit and experience 20 different countries!

Exhibition space

Keeping arts as a key focus area, the village accommodates an exhibition space for young painters, photographers, designers and different artists!

Corporate zone

This zone features latest products and services offered by our partners and sponsors.  This includes tech, music, travel & tourism, sports, culture and other spots from different organizations and industries.

Qatar Run

A stream line of Qatar’s most hip, classy and sporty cars.  This fancy group of students come and showcase their cars while burnouts, riffs and safe driving workshops are done on the spot!

Face Painting & Henna

As a tradition and culture, henna is enjoyed not only by Arabs, but also expats coming from different areas of the world.  While face painting attracts kids to transform faces with colors!



Stage Section:

Youth Got Talent Finals

A regional talent hunt that rises from months and selects creamed participants in music and dance to win the titles of the most talented musicians and dancers!

Cultural Shows

All global village members get a chance to perform on stage for 10 minutes to showcase their talent!  A compilation of different cultural dances and skits is the main attraction on stage!

Health & Fitness

Zumba and yoga is something that we can’t miss out at the festival.  All visitors are encouraged to join a team of professional Zumba instructors to stay fit and healthy!

Partners shows

The stage also welcomes and allows partners and friends of The Youth Company to take the opportunity and present their products or services in a fun-youth oriented way!




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