FACE 2021: Forum for Arab Canadian Employment

About FACE

Let’s face the issues and challenges and come up with solutions that would help increase awareness, and bring together leaders in the matter to talk about those important issues. 

  • Aims to bring together leaders, activists, topic experts, and academics in a one-day forum to engage in a dialogue, debate and develop expression around Arab Canadian Employment. The conference will enable building on and bringing community leaders, policymakers, academics, topic experts to share and work together towards solutions, and recommendations moving forward.
  • Encourage participants to collaborate (work jointly to create projects, programs, innovative solutions), cooperate, (act jointly towards the same outcome) and coordinate (bring different elements together in harmony) while sharing their valuable experiences.
  • Will engage the public, the private and the plural sectors representatives and their respective organization that will enhance the experience for stakeholders and shareholders involved in generating durable and tangible lasting impact.

The Arab- Canadian Unemployment Problem: 

  • Lack of access or understanding where and how to access services that are meant for them. 
  • Lack of updated information leads to frustrations, demotivation and lack of support needed. 
  • Lack of navigation: The federal or provincial systems are problematic and complicated, especially in such a new and vulnerable stage for new immigrants.


FACE Objectives 

  •   A community for impact: FACE aims to generate and fosters impact by bringing leaders together to solve some of Arab Canadians ' most pressing issues. 
  •   A network for leaders: FACE brings together Employment, and Arab Leaders from all around Canada to share and collaborate in supporting each other to face Arab Canadian Youth Unemployment issues, factors, and blocks
  •   A space for sharing: FACE provides a platform that harvests reflections and collaboration among each attendee towards impact. Learning from past, current and up-coming challenges is at the heart of improving Employment for Arab Canadian Youth.


A holistic experience: 

Focused on Arab Canadian Unemployment input by the keynote speakers, panel discussion, and workshops, it will allow a holistic experience for attendees to work together towards a come goal. The conference will have a wide range of timely relevant topics from a wide range of perspectives.

Learnt Reflections: Keynote Speakers would engage the attendees to share their learnings and reflections. This will allow best practices, theories and provocative problems to be presented to encourage discussions among participants.

Celebrate Collaboration: Panel Discussions at the conference will focus on the success established so far among other communities working collaboratively to generate impact. This will provide a pool of knowledge and exchange of expertise to motivate and inspire impactful actions. 

Expand Impact: The workshops will serve as a platform to build meaningful and durable relationships with other delegates to potentially pursue collaborative replicable projects.

Build Trust: With a focus on trust-building among the different communities to deepen engagement, foster collaboration, support growth, and ultimately there will be a drive of impactful change in the community.

Encourage Coaching & Mentorship: Foster and promote the values and usefulness of the active relationship building between participants to introduce and emphasize the importance of mentoring and coaching with related work, projects, and friendly consultancy. 

Build a Community: With a special focus on pulling together leaders to share passion, pride, excitement and challenges faced the ties will grow stronger within the community.

Inclusiveness of industries and sectors: Will include a variety of sectors and industries that are directly or indirectly engaged and contribute to the health and well-being of people.

Potential Topics: 

  • Arab Canadians Discrimination: Today’s heightened security context has led to discrimination against Canadian Muslims and Arabs, including those perceived as such. Many speak of feeling demonized. Media coverage has irresponsibly associated entire groups of Muslims and Arabs with terrorism, linking them by virtue of religious or ethnic association with the crimes of others. People who care about justice and who seek an open and welcoming society must defend the right of Muslims and Arabs to live free of discrimination in Canada. 
  • Media, Stereotypes and Collective Responsibilities: Some Canadian media contribute to dangerous stereotyping. They serve a diet of distorted images that promote the false notion that Islam as a religion condones violence and associate Muslims and Arabs with terrorism. When the media prominently identify individuals who are suspected of wrongdoing as being Muslim or Arab, they unfairly imply that all Arabs and Muslims are collectively responsible for the actions of certain individuals. 
  • Skills and Employment Barriers: The Skills and Employment Barriers that limit skills development, labour market participation and inclusiveness, as well as ensuring labour market efficiency to include Arab Canadians. Specifically, these programs seek to address the employment and skills needs of those facing employment barriers, and contribute to lifelong learning and building a skilled inclusive labour force. 

Tentative Schedule:


Delegates & Participant 

Delegates typically come from the following groups, interested in or

invested in the field of supported employment:


  • Employment Counsellors and Case Managers, from the public, private and non-profit sectors;
  • Employers with a provincial or national presence wishing to learn more about supported employment and the return they can expect from it;
  • Managers and representatives from various organizations, from the public, private and non-profit sectors;
  • Business associations and sector council representatives
  • Human Resource Professionals, Guidance Counsellors, and more widely all Career Development Professionals or students in the field;
  • Labour unions representatives;
  • Managers and representatives in the education and training fields;
  • Managers and representatives from government or public service providers — federal, provincial and municipal.
  • Of the 300 expected delegates coming from all over Canada, we estimate that 25% will be from the business sector and 75% will consist of the supported employment-related fields.


Partnership & Sponsorship 

As a Conference Partner, you will have the chance to:

  • Position your organization provincially and nationally as a leader in the field of supported employment;
  • Share your best practices within provincial and national supported employment networks;
  • Improve your organization’s visibility with important stakeholders;
  • Showcase your services or your organization to 300 delegates specifically related to the field of supported employment;
  • Establish your organization as an influencer in the field;
  • Demonstrate publicly your social concern about the topic;
  • Contribute, by your support, to raising awareness about the importance of supported employment

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