Arab-Canadian Empowerment

ACE Vision 

A healthy and prosperous generation of Arab-Canadians from all walks of life involved in and benefiting Canadian society.


ACE Mission 

To provide a social platform for Arab-Canadian youth engagement, aptitude and leadership for an impactful and sustainable future.



We recognize that the most significant value to all societies is their youth. That is why TYC’s focus is to collaborate with youth. Our passion is changing the lives of young Arab-Canadians by allowing them to create their futures.

  • EMPOWERMENT - challenging existing struggles and narratives that impede Arab-Canadian youth from thriving in joy and success.
  • DIVERSITY - recognizing that Arabs/Arab-Canadians are diverse and multifaceted peoples that add value through differences.
  • INCLUSION - empowering youth by celebrating and exercising their strengths through innovative projects and initiatives.
  • UNITY - bringing together youth from all Arab backgrounds to connect, collaborate and belong in Canadian society.



Our programs target youth and professional organizations with private, public and non-profit sectors. We are committed to engaging civic leaders who are already impacting their communities with youth looking for a place to start. TYC recognizes three focus areas to work with Arab-Canadian youth to achieve social responsibility and impact:

  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Employment


  • All of the work that The Youth Company creates and shares is focused on identifying issues faced by Arab-Canadian youth, providing solutions and fostering change.
  • The Youth Company is not affiliated with partisan politics, does not advocate for any political parties, platforms or leaders; and does not tolerate extremist and inflammatory positions.
  • The Youth Company does not tolerate any negative connotations for other parts of the Canadian and global community.
  • The Youth Company celebrates different beliefs however, does not tolerate the pushing of any ideologies, belief systems or religious agendas.
  • The Youth Company does not tolerate any direct or indirect racism and any form of direct or indirect discrimination based on age, disability, religion, gender and sexual orientation.