Our Story:

TYC 10 years of youth Development & Empowerment 

Founded in December 2010 in Doha- Qatar, The Youth Company is a grassroots social enterprise.  With the mission to provide youth a platform to grow, learn and experience important personal and professional development skills that could help them integrate easier to the adult and professional life.

Operationally, TYC has delivered

    • 220 projects including small-scale workshops to large-scale youth festivals and leadership conferences
    • 323,000 youth engaged
    • By the youth, for the youth, to the youth. 

The Youth Company over the years offered a space for entrepreneurs, artists, students, opinion leaders and young professionals. We pride ourselves to allow young people do mistakes but grow towards experiences that. The Youth Company has always empowered the youth of the Middle East using educational, community engaging, volunteering, career-oriented and consulting programs. 

TYC’s growth has been substantial in many sectors and industries-all with one goal-to empower and develop youth, giving them opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. Operated programs and initiatives in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, UAE, USA, United Kingdom, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, and France. 

In 2020, TYC has started it operations in Canada- by launching "Arab Canadian Empowerment programs focused specifically in developing and empowering Arab-Canadian youth.  


About The Youth Company & SDG 


TYC pledges to align itself with United Nations & SDG’s values and principles, especially in terms of youth empowerment and development.

Sustainable development goals and Youth: Building on its global convening role, the United Nations is uniquely placed to act as a source of protection and support for young people, and a platform through which their needs can be addressed, their voice can be amplified, and their engagement can be advanced.

The UN fully embraces young people’s diversity in all its forms. Therefore, the UN employs and advocates for methods and approaches reflective of this diversity to make sure all young people can reach their full engagement, empowerment and development. The UN recognizes young people as rights-holders, and promotes and facilitates  transparency, accountability, and responsiveness from governments, international organizations and others toward young people. (https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/youth/ 


The Youth Company and the SDG’s Objectives for youth are that youth become:

  1. Critical Thinkers
  2. Changes Makers
  3. Innovators
  4. Communications
  5. Leaders