Qatar Internship Fair 2022

Qatar Internship Fair 2022 
May 14th -16 st 2022 

About Qatar Internship Fair 2022: 

Qatar Internship Fair (QIF) is an intensive series of professional development activities for youth seeking internship readiness training and placements. QIF partners are committed to offering targeted online workshops and webinars leading up to the opportunity to pursue 2 to 6-month internships.  

QIF is a 3-day career and networking fair where companies will open their doors for high school and university students to work in different fields of interest to help them understand organizational behavior and develop their workplace skills. Those same companies will meet one another in daily speed networking sessions and give insightful and mutually beneficial talks on topics of their choice.

Target Audience: 
Our target market is youth between the ages of 16 and 29 seeking internships or professional practice experiences willing to receive career guidance and support. We also want young professionals and businesses to attend for networking and community-building purposes.

 QIF will be split into the following three sections:

  • QIF Workshops:  a set of sessions and workshops to prepare youth to apply and get internships 
  • QIF Exhibition: to provide internship opportunities to  current high-school, undergraduate and post-graduate students 
  • QIF Fair Lounge: to offer an opportunity for dialogue between companies and youth


QIF Agenda:

To be confirmed soon!


TYC 10 Years: Youth Development & Empowerment

Founded in December 2010 in Doha- Qatar, The Youth Company is a grassroots social enterprise.  With the mission to provide youth a platform to grow, learn and experience critical personal and professional development skills that could help them integrate easier to the adult and professional life.

Operationally, TYC has delivered.

  • 220 projects, including small-scale workshops to large-scale youth festivals and leadership conferences

  • 323,000 youth engaged

  • By the youth, for the youth, to the youth. 

The Youth Company, over the years, offered a space for entrepreneurs, artists, students, opinion leaders, and young professionals. We pride ourselves on allowing young people to make mistakes but grow towards experiences. The Youth Company has always empowered the youth of the Middle East using educational, community engaging, volunteering, career-oriented and consulting programs. 

TYC’s growth has been substantial in many sectors and industries, with one goal: to empower and develop youth, giving them opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Operated programs and initiatives in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, UAE, USA, United Kingdom, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, and France. 

Building on the initial success of a pilot workshop-based event for over 1,000 youth in 2016, QIF 2021 has been designed based on existing data and feedback, focusing on internship placements tailored to a students’ skill-building goal.    

QIF 2022 Quality Assurance

QIF is built on the basis that internships are a mutually beneficial engagement.  QIF recognizes the youth’s many talents and their drive to learn, create, and grow in their professional careers. All participating organizations in QIF are selected based on a clear criterion based on TYC Internship Standardization. Organizations are also highly encouraged to offer internship opportunities that include the possibility of transitioning to full-time employee hires. 

Given that their participation is granted at no personal cost, participating youth are also screened with at least one reference check and attendance of at least 80% of their registered workshops throughout QIF to be eligible to interview for the available internships during the summit. 

Hired interns and the respective organizations are periodically interviewed about their experience to collect feedback for future iterations of the QIF. 

Industry partners that will host the internships are amongst the following sectors:

Government & Semi-Government Energy, Oil & Gas Media, PR, Marketing, Publishing & Events IT & Telecommunications
Education Agriculture Health & Fitness  Non-Profit
Engineering Manufacturing Transportation Retail

Sneak peek of one of our previous Internship Fairs... We won't be modest. It was epic. Although, this year, we are ready for something more. Something even more special. Join us in making history!

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