Qatar Internship Fair 2022

Qatar Internship Fair 2021

Executive Summary

Qatar Internship Fair (QIF) is an intensive series of professional development activities for youth seeking internship readiness training and placement starting in 2022. QIF partners  are committed to offering targeted online workshops and webinars leading up to the opportunity to pursue 2 to 6 month internships.  

QIF events act as a crash course followed by a growth-designed internship to bridge the gap between their educational journey and professional skills required by  employers. 

Building on the initial success of a pilot workshop-based event for over 1,000 youth in 2016, QIF 2022 has been designed based on existing data and feedback, with a focus on internship placements tailored to a students’ skill building goal.    

The series includes the following activities: 




Registration, Partnership, Research & Design 


Data intake as prospective interns register and partnerships are built on pain points and needs to design workshop curriculum. 

Weekly Workshops 


Based on the research outcomes, a series of intensive workshops will be rolled out starting in September to bridge the gaps and meet needs. 

Also includes QIF Roulette – Quasi-random online speed mock interviews (15 minutes, option to extend) with HR representatives from participating organizations to expose prospective interns to the recruitment process in various sectors and provide employers insight into the talent pool.

QIF Summit


2-day in-person event with online broadcast for presenters to promote internship culture in the Qatari market. 

The QIF Summit will also provide organizations the opportunity to meet and conduct real interviews with students and young professionals for their internship placement. 

Placements & Reporting


Announcements of selected youth for internship opportunities with check-ins every other month on their progress. 


QIF Quality Assurance

QIF is built on the basis that internships are a mutually beneficial engagement.  QIF recognizes the youth’s many talents and their drive to learn, create, and grow in their professional careers. Thereby all participating organizations in QIF are selected based on a clear criterion based on TYC Internship Standardization (Appendix 1). Organizations are also highly encouraged to offer internship opportunities that include the possibility of transitioning to a full time employee hires. 

Given that their participation is granted at no personal cost, participating youth are also screened with at least one reference check and for attendance of at least 80% of their registered workshops throughout QIF to be eligible to interview for the available internships during the summit. 

Hired interns and the respective organizations are periodically interviewed about their experience to collect feedback for future iterations of the QIF. 

QIF Stakeholders: 

QIF’s target participants are youth between the ages of 16 – 26 seeking internships and who are eager to receive career guidance and support. Participants above this age range who are looking to change careers are also eligible. 

Industry partners that will host the internships are amongst the following sectors:

  • Government & Semi-Government
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Media, PR, Marketing, Publishing & Events
  • IT & Telecommunications
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Health & Fitness 
  • Non-Profit
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
    • Retail
  • Others