Qatar Shadowing Program

Qatar Shadowing Program 

Graduating high school seniors are expected to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives as they prepare their undergraduate applications to pursue a particular career path without any real exposure to its reality. Research published on the reputable recruitment platform, Indeed, found that 58% of workers are willing to take a pay cut in order to completely change industries with the number 1 reason being unhappiness in their previous job sector. What if those 58% got a chance to speak to their younger selves as they were about to make that decision and show them the realities of the job? 

Qatar Shadowing Week (QSW) is an opportunity created by The Youth Company (TYC) for high school seniors to accompany a working professional in their field of interest over the course of a week that is already a holiday in their school, or during evening operating hours where applicable throughout September – December 2022. Partner organizations are encouraged to nominate top performing employees to shadow so that students gain a realistic understanding of the tasks involved in their chosen field. 

Qatar Shadowing Program 

  • Students will be able to register directly for this learning opportunity on the TYC website.  Following registration, The Youth Company (TYC) will call all applicants to complete their registrations and conduct screening interviews. Based on this, TYC will create shortlists for each Shadow Partner to make the final selection. Students may be eligible for multiple shadowing opportunities this season, or may rotate between various specialities to shadow within one organization throughout their initial week. Prior to their shadowing week, they will receive an orientation from TYC based on best-practices and the guidelines provided by the host Shadow Partner. They will receive a check-in call from the team at TYC after their first shadowing day, and at the end of their shadowing week they will go through an exit interview. TYC will also conduct follow-up data collection to confirm their university selection and the extent to which QSW played a role in that decision. 
  • Schools can  support  QSW by encouraging their students to register, however not in the capacity of a liable middle-man. This is intentionally designed to streamline a multistakeholder engagement and open the opportunity to all students regardless of their school. 

‘Shadow’ Partners provide in-kind support in the form of staff/employee time. The sectors include:

  • Government & Semi-Government
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Media, PR, Marketing, Publishing & Events
  • IT & Telecommunications 
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Health & Fitness
  • Non-Profit
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
    • Retail
  • Others

Each Shadow Partner will have the option to select between the types of shadowing appropriate for their organization. 

  • Observation – “fly on the wall”  The student  spends a week observing the day-to-day work of the host. This may involve a range of activities such as attending meetings, observing interactions with customers, etc. In fact, it should be a typical representation of what the “host” individual does on a daily basis. This type of shadowing works best when a student is looking to gain a deeper understanding of what the host’s job role actually consists of. 
  • Regular Briefings – “Burst Interactions” Here a student will be present with the professional/employee for specific activities during the week, which are all preceded by a short brief and follow up debrief. This works best when students live near  the Shadow Partner’s office location and the professional they are shadowing can advise them of dates and times of specific activities which are of value in understanding the role of the professional. This type of shadowing provides short periods of focused interaction, rather than passive ongoing observation. However, it requires careful timing and planning from the professional.   

Shadow partners are also interviewed by TYC at the end of the shadowing week to collect their feedback on the initiative.